Purpose and Direction

(Have Clarity, Be confident, and Get Moving)

Do you feel lost, uninspired, lack motivation, or defeated by broken dreams? Do you feel you can’t seem to get organized and take action because you’re not sure what direction you really want to go? Being in this position can feel paralyzing. Self-doubt, shame, and self-sabotaging behaviors come creeping in and you simply feel STUCK!

Here’s the good news… coaching provides the direction, focus and discipline to maximize your highest potential and best self. It is vital that we have a center, purpose, and structure to keep ourselves accountable and balanced in order to be abundantly healthy and successful in all ways. Together, we will find that purpose and direction you’ve been missing and put together a plan to help you achieve that goal or dream.

This is for you if:

  • The gap between your intentions and everyday reality makes accomplishing your goals seem overwhelming.
  • You can’t stay focused because you are doing 100 things all the time and end up getting nothing done by the end of the day.
  • You feel discouraged like something must be wrong with you.
  • You’re tired of being told you need to think better thoughts, try harder, or do specific things that don’t resonate with you.
  • Lifestyle changes seem to only last a couple days or weeks at best.
  • Your dreams and goals are important to you, but time keeps slipping away and they aren’t coming to fruition like you want them to be.
  • Having a partner to support you in staying accountable and consistent would be valuable to you.

This package is designed to break old negative habits, clear up and heal past disappointments, and put you on your feet. It will give you a clear understanding of your strengths, values, and interests. You will receive confidence, direction, freedom to enjoy the process, and inner power to take action. In this coaching package, you will rid yourself of everything that has stood in your way and accomplish a project or goal of your dreams.

Here’s What’s Included:

6.5 hours of Private Coaching

  • Appointments meet every other week. Total duration = 3 months. This amount of time ensures the consistency, accountability, and focus needed to make a significant change. In this amount of time, I have witnessed over and over the results my clients are looking for. In each session, you will receive easy to grasp practical tools, techniques, methods, and strategies to help you achieve what you are looking for. Each session is packed with value and fun.
  • These sessions are either in-person, phone, or virtual appointments with Crystal. Each way is equally valuable and you will receive the same amount of connection and quality.
  • Our first session will be 90 minutes. In this session, we will take a holistic view of all the aspects of your life, declare intentions and priorities, and be set up for some real movement for the sessions to come. Our following sessions will be 60 minutes each where we take a deep dive into accomplishing a project or goal of your dreams and ridding yourself of everything that has stood in your way before. I will show you a systematic approach to finding your purpose and direction.

Materials, Extras, and Free Stuff

  • Tools and homework to use in between sessions – These worksheets and home assignments will keep you aligned with your intentions and help you stay focused and moving along. Think of a personal trainer or physical therapist, if you only did what they told you when you saw them, the time in-between you would forget or lose the progress you are building.
  • Resources – I work with a team of professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and doctors that we consult and lean on when our clients have unique needs or concerns. The Nourish Medical Center team is committed to your health and success.
  • 2 Free 15 minute “spot coaching” sessions to be used in-between sessions. This can be a wonderful way in-between sessions to ask questions or get some feedback when you start to notice some real change and things start getting a little shaky. Clients who purchase a package can have spot coaching available to them for free.

If this sounds good to you, give yourself the support you need to achieve your goals and live a more balanced and fulfilled life. You deserve to feel satisfied, vibrant, and enthusiastic about your life.

Total Investment:


Want In?

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